Selasa, Juni 23, 2009


23/06/09 what would you do if your younger brother passed away, and less then a month your husband already angry to find you're still sad and crying it at night? would the fact that he seems don't understand who you are, and that would makes you think that for the past5 years you're sleeping with totally stranger, will particularly makes no difference if you're sleeping with a stranger at all? how could he thinks I could bear to grieve only on 31/05/09, thus I have 26 years memmories-length to remember? how much time do I have to sit and cry, no matter what day is it or what time is it? a true best friend would give as long as it would be needed to heal. a true soul-mate would give a lifetime trying to understand how the lost had caused so much pain to someone's heart and soul but may only as simple as the needs to be understood, the right sense of compromising that has come between the lines, and crossed it. it's a matter of love for two different people with different kind of types. to be honest with him so he really gets the points how this stage has brought to me to a looks-like-never-ending flagrant devastating emotions.

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